FAQ Cloud Cover

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Q. Can Cloud Cover be used on indoor and outdoor plants?
A. Cloud Cover can be used on most indoor and outdoor plants. However, its use is not recommended on hairy leaf plants.
Q. How does Cloud Cover work?
A. Cloud Cover coats the stems and leaves with a harmless, transparent polymer film that not only reduces the water loss, but also shields the plant from adverse weather conditions and temperature imbalances. The glossy film that Cloud Cover forms is flexible, permeable to gases and semi permeable to water.
Q. Is CloudCover affected by rain?
A. No, Cloud Cover is not affected by rain. It will not wash off.
Q. How long does Cloud Cover last?
A. Cloud Cover lasts for approximately 3 months after application. However, new growth will not be covered. As a result, the frequency of application will depend on the growth of the treated plant.
Q. Will Cloud Cover protect plants from freezing?
A. Cloud Cover provides little protection against temperatures that are sufficiently low enough to destroy the plant tissue. Cloud Cover does help prevent desiccation (dehydration) suffered by evergreens during over wintering and may also protect plants from frost damage.
Q. What is the primary reason for treating plants with Cloud Cover?
A. By holding moisture in plants, Cloud Cover helps plants overcome stress situations, such as transplant shock, windburn, sun scald, drought, air pollution, cold damage and dry out caused by air conditioning and central heat systems. It is useful for protecting plants against shock during propagating, transplanting, growing and shipping.
Q. Can Cloud Cover be sprayed with other chemicals, such as insecticides and fungicides?
A. Cloud Cover contains a surfactant that makes it suitable for mixture with other chemicals. In fact, Cloud Cover will help you get longer protection from such chemicals as insecticides, fungicides, etc. Spraying Cloud Cover together with other chemicals is desirable, as it helps reduce application costs.
Q. Can Cloud Cover be sprayed at any time during the year?
A. Cloud Cover can be used at any time during the growing process. However, care should be taken to apply Cloud Cover between the temperatures of 40 and 80 degrees.
Q. How long does it take Cloud Cover to dry?
A. Cloud Cover will normally dry within 20 to 30 minutes of application. This may vary depending on humidity.