FAQ Ross Root Feeder

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Q. How long do I water when using the Ross Root Feeder?
A. Watering requirements will vary depending on soil type, amount of moisture already in the soil and plant watering needs. Under normal water pressure a root feeder will deliver 1 to 2 gallons per minute.
Q. Where do I insert the Ross Root Feeder tube when fertilizing and watering? 
A. Insert feeder tube at equal intervals in a ring under the outer branches (drip line) of tree or shrub. NEVER AT TRUNK OR BASE.
Q. How far do I insert the feeder into the soil?
A. For shrubs – 6”, for trees – 12”. There are dimples stamped on the metal feed tube that will help locate these depths.
Q. How often do I fertilize?
A.      Trees, Shrubs & Evergreen: Twice a year – early spring and late summer.
Fruit & Nut:
For established trees: In spring at first sign of new growth.
For young trees: Monthly through mid-summer. 
Green Again Iron Formula: At first sign of iron deficiency. Repeat twice at 3 – 4 week intervals. 
Roses & Flowering Shrubs:
Newly planted roses and established roses: Every 2 weeks through mid- summer
Flowering Shrubs: Early spring and late summer.
Q. What is the shelf life of the Ross Root Feeder Refills? 
A. The refills have an indefinite shelf life as long as they are kept free of moisture. After opening, please keep remaining refills in an airtight container.
Q. Are replacement parts available for the discontinued models of the Ross Root Feeder? 
A. Yes, most parts are still available. Please call 800-327-9462 for assistance and to place your order.
Q. Why isn’t water coming through the feed tube?
A. With the valve in the on position, if you can see water in the refill chamber the feed tube has become clogged. To prevent the feed tube from clogging, please allow water to run slightly when inserting and removing feed tube from the soil. If the flow valve is turned to the OFF position, while the feeder is still in the soil, it will form a slight vacuum and pull the soil into the feed tube. If the feed tube is not flushed after each use, the soil will harden while stored and the feed tube will become clogged.
Q. How do I unclog the feed tube of my Ross Root Feeder Model 1200C?
A. To unclog your Ross Root Feeder Model 1200C follow these steps:
1. Remove the clear acrylic lid from the top of the feeder.
2. Inside the bottom of the refill chamber, is a black plastic body screen that sits over the top of the feed tube.  Remove this screen.
3. Using a garden hose sprayer, spray water into the feed tube for a few minutes, this will help loosen the soil from the walls of the feedtube.
4. Take a coat hanger or other wire and run it inside the feed tube to help loosen the clogged soil.
5. Remove wire from the tube and turn the feeder upside down, tapping the feeder gently. The loosened soil should fall out from the tube.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 until water runs freely through the feed tube.
When inserting and removing the feed tube from the soil, water must be running slightly to prevent the feed tube from clogging.  If the water is turned to OFF position on feeder, while the feed tube is in the soil, it forms a vacuum and pulls the soil back into the feed tube.  Before storing the feeder, always flush the feed tube by turning the flow valve just slightly. 
If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Easy Gardener Products Consumer Department.  Our toll free number is 800-327-9462. 
Q. How many refills do I use for each tree? 
A. Please follow instructions on the back of the refill package.
Q. How long does it take the refills to dissolve? 
A. Water pressure determines how fast or slow the refill cartridges dissolve. By adjusting the flow valve on the feeder, you can control the speed in which the refills dissolve.
Q. How many times do I go around my tree when fertilizing or watering? 
A. After determining the number of refills from the chart on the back of the refill package, visualize the drip line of the tree as a clock. Begin feeding or watering at 12:00, then 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and so on.
Q. How many refills will the Ross Root Feeder hold at one time? 
A. The model 1200C will hold 3 – 4 refills at one time and the model 102 will hold 1 – 2 refills at a time.