Roll Out Rubber Mulch

Easy Gardener Roll Out Rubber Mulch is the first all-in-one product that answers two major gardening concerns, mulching and weed control. Made from 100% recycled rubber, Roll Out Rubber Mulch gives you the look of natural mulch plus the superior weed control benefits of WeedBlock landscape fabric. The mulch will not wash away, discolor or decompose, giving you a maintenance free beauty for years to come. Easy Gardener Roll Out Mulch is the perfect solution for a variety of uses, including landscape areas, around the pool or patio or in high runoff or drainage areas. Roll Out Rubber Mulch comes in convenient, easy to use 24" x 6’ rolls and is available in red and brown.

  •  100% recycled rubber
  •  Mulch PLUS Weed Control
  •  Will not wash away


Item # Description Color Size
PM26300 Roll Out Rubber Mulch Brown
 24" x 6'

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